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Our Business Process

First Contact

At any given time, up to four friendly office staff attend to telephone calls within the office coordinating sales, delivery and stock inward and outward movement.  Our aim is to always answer calls within 4 rings ensuring no wait times for our customers.  This is another small part of the service guarantee that we offer.  First impressions are important to us and as such all customer facing staff work to a strict set of guidelines for customer service.

Our office houses the computer systems of many of our principals and is as if we are sitting in their main offices in Brisbane, Sydney or wherever else they choose to have their main presence.  Our staff therefore, after some initial training, are able to input orders, process picks and produce invoices/delivery dockets.  Having the computer systems locally means our local customers enjoy faster order to invoice times than are possible by having it elsewhere.  It also means that our principals are able to provide their usual level of customer service without the extra staff on their own books.

Product Representation

Jewell Distributors currently have 4 Sales Representatives who represent the interests of our principals in the Northern Territory.  They are all committed and skilled Reps with excellent connections in the local communities in which they sell.  Representing the entire Northern Territory means travelling to Katherine, Alice Springs and on occasion, Kununurra at regular intervals making sure that the product they represent is well placed throughout the Territory.

Ongoing Product Awareness & Support

Jewell Distributors representatives regularly attend retailer sale weekends and other promotions as part of our ongoing commitment and responsibility to our Principals. We ensure that customers are aware of the best products at the best  prices in a timely fashion to ensure good penetration within the market.

Warehouse Operations

Our Warehouse Lead supervises all facets of the warehouse and delivery operations ensuring deliveries are made within the time-frames dictated by our Principals.  The warehouse manager also controls a small fleet of delivery vehicles.  All of our warehouse staff are licensed forklift operators and have a range of medium to heavy vehicle licenses.

Our delivery schedule takes us into the Darwin area daily (twice daily if deliveries dictate) and to the Palmerston and outer districts – also daily.  We organise freight to Katherine and beyond either through our Principal’s own freight accounts or using ours on a charge-back system.  We have established routine daily pickup times with most of the major carriers.

Service & Warranty

This is an area we treat with a great deal of importance, ensuring both the retailer and the end user are satisfied with prompt attendance to claims as they arise. We visit service agents and clients to ensure any problems are rectified in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Sales
  • Invoicing
  • Warranties
  • Maintenance of stock levels
  • New Product Information
  • Strategic Planning

The GM also leads sales meetings with our Sales Representatives with a view to ensuring an ongoing commitment to improving sales for our Principals.

Our Clients