We undertake to represent on Principals in all areas of their business. Keeping clients informed of events such as:

  • Pricing
  • Policy
  • New innovations
  • Market reaction
  • Customer satisfaction feedback

Our Company currently services ten agency lines. At your request, we would be happy to supply contacts for references to attest to our strength, commitment and professionalism in all professional dealings.

All visits to customers throughout the region are conducted at Jewell Distributor’s expense, providing our Principals with the highest profile to even the most remote centers.

As would be expected, expenses such as rebates and advertising are provided by the Principal as appropriate.

Our most important function is to be an extension of the parent company embracing all corporate policies, processes and practices that are already in place. At the same time, we provide Principals with a local identity in the Northern Territory allowing customers to identify with a local product while also giving them a sense of importance to the national market.

Our Clients

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